About Us

Growing up, I witnessed first hand the importance of understanding one’s health and how your state of health can impact not only your life, but those around you. My mother was diagnosed with lupus after giving birth to me and spent my first year of life in a hospital. Due to this chronic disease that made her body attack itself, she endured chronic physical pain, fatigue, bouts of depression, and other complications. As I got older, one of my biggest concerns was all the medications my mother would have to take and the side effects she suffered that she would then have to take more meds for. So growing up seeing this, even in adolescent years, being in good health became a priority. Throughout my school years, diet and exercise was a major focus. As I got older and the internet became more accessible I began learning more about the industry and let’s just say herbalism started looking more and more appealing. Every ailment myself or children, family member, or friend experienced, I would search for a natural remedy. And there my passion was birthed. Since 2011, I’ve been incorporating herbs into my daily life and my confidence has grown and I undoubtedly believe in the power of herbs as I’ve seen continuous improvement in my own healing journey, my children, and those around me.
Mbody encourages us all to take control of your health by taking an active role in educating yourself on your body and remedies outside of the “norm”.